Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Fantastic explosions of white light spread through space on the Klingon border after a secret mission involving Deep Space Nine federation and Bajoran militia officers. The explosions were the result of the destruction of a Klingon minefield being constructed on their border which would have protected them in the event of a war with either the Bajorans or the Federations.

(Gowron, leader of the Klingon High Coucil, makes an epic face upon hearing that the Federation would stand against his invasion of Cardassia.)

Constructing a minefield is considered by all major powers in the Alpha Quadrant to be an act of war itself and this recent move by the Klingon Empire illustrates a growing trend towards hostility which began with the dissolving of the Federation's treaty with the Klingon Empire. The treaty, which had held the relationship between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in Peace since the days of Ambassador Spock, was dissolved in the wake of the Klingon invasion of Cardassia. When the Federation stood against Klingon attempts to take control of the Cardassian home world, the Klingons declared their former allies to be cowards and formally dissolved all ties to them. Gowron, the leader of the Klingon High Council was originally a friend to the Federation and had significant ties to Lieutenant Worf, who is currently stationed on DS:9, but would not tolerate what he perceived as a betrayal by the Federation and Klingon/Federation relations have suffered in the civilian sector as well as at the negotiation table.

Suspicions of malicious activity were first aroused when explosions were seen on the Klingon border and several Birds of Prey were observed. The ships were reportedly displaying illusive behavior and gained the attention of local officers. A damaged Bird of Prey was towed into the station and the Bajoran and Federation authorities were able to gather more information on the activities while it was being repaired.  

Upon further investigation, the officers of this station discovered that the Klingons were strategically laying mines to prevent Federation and Bajoran access to an entire sector of space. Taking preemptive action, a runabout was sent out to detonate the mines (there is no word concerning damage to Klingon ships or casualties) and at least delay an open confrontation with the Klingon Empire.  

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