Tuesday, January 10, 2012


(Quark serves a lone customer at his bar during the downturn brought about by the Bajoran period of cleansing and the recent strike.)

Quark's is back to its usual status as center of activity on the promenade after management and labor have finally come to a settlement just in time for the end of the Bajoran period of cleansing and the spike in business this will create. Both employer and employees were in high spirits today as the droves of customers, Bajorans free from fasting and non-Bajorans, rolled into Quark's ready to relax and enjoy themselves.

The strike began last week after Quark announced that wages would be cut and hours extended in order to accommodate for the lack of revenue brought in by the Bajoran period of cleansing, which is often a bane to local establishments that provide food or drink that is prohibited to Bajorans during this period, including synthahol. Instead of submitting to the authority of management, as is Ferengi tradition, the mostly-Ferengi workforce chose to defy tradition and stand against Quark. The workers formed a union, which are heavily forbidden by Ferengi law, and set demands for higher pay, better hours, and paid sick leave; all of which are virtually unheard of in the Ferengi working environment. The strike was headed by the proprietor's own brother and, by some reports, most abused employee, Rom. Rom's fight against his brother led many to avoid the bar and even inspired a confrontation between three high-ranking star fleet officers on this station which ended in violence causing Commander Sisko to search for a solution to the unrest he had originally supported.

Agents from the FCA (Ferengi Commerce Association) were reportedly sent to quell the strike but operated outside of the public eye. The FCA has a strict policy against either participating in a strike or meeting the demands of one, putting Quark in the difficult position of choosing between angering his Federation landlords or the FCA and suffering severe fines from Ferenginar.

Fortunately, a resolution was made just in time for the end of the period of cleansing. Rom declined to comment on the resolution and Quark has given no hints himself as to what terms were debated or agreed upon during any negotiations between the parties. Whatever they employees got out of the deal, they seemed happy to be back to work and Quark seemed quite relieved to be turning an acceptable profit again.

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