Friday, January 13, 2012


(Lt. Worf will be remaining on the station after being proved innocent of massacre during his extradition trial.)

Worf, son of Mogh has many enemies in the Klingon Empire and it came as no surprise that when he was believed to have killed a Klingon civilian vessel in combat that an extradition trial would be held. It also was no secret that the Klingons planned to use the scandal to their advantage by putting the Federation on the defensive and allowing undeterred Klingon expansion into more sectors of Cardassian space. Worf was cleared of all charges at the end of the trial Commander Sisko, serving as the defense counsel, was able to prove that the Klingons had falsified records to serve their ends.

Worf was locked in combat with a cloaked Bird of Prey when he thought he had predicted their maneuvers. He set his torpedoes to where he believed they would show themselves again and fired as a ship began to decloak. The ship he destroyed turned out to be a civilian transport and no life signs were apparent for any survivors of the explosion.

At least, that's how the story was originally believed to have happened. Our own Constable Odo was able to unearth some interesting facts regarding the civilian transport. For one, the list of deceased from the passenger list was identical to the list of "survivors" of a crash just a few weeks earlier. It is the Federation's official position that the Klingons falsified records to make it appear as though the people who had died in a crash a few weeks ago had in fact been murdered by Worf. All has been sorted out now and the Klingon lawyer arguing for extradition leaves the station later today, quite possibly with his tail between his legs.


  1. Worf was the first Klingon to attend starfleet academy. Its good to see theres still fire in the klingons belly.

  2. I don't like the fire could ever leave his belly. He holds onto it like a Ferengi grips latinum.