Thursday, March 29, 2012

The End Draws Nigh...

Well folks, the time has come. The time for me to sit down and watch the finale to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The series has been a blast so far, with its intricate story archs (which are much more believable, given the station setting, than the star ship rolling through space) and intense romances. These archs and the sense of community on DS:9 was something Trek was unable to ressurect for Voyager (Not to deny that Voyager was an awesome series as well). It seems that throughout much of Star Trek the Federation acts as a sort of galactic peacekeeping force, rolling in and solving a planets problems, but DS:9 went much deeper than that, which is probably why I respect the series so much.

Thanks to both of you, dear readers, for you consideration. And thank you SpacerGuy, for your comments and feedback.

I will not abandon this blog. I plan on keeping it my place for Trekkie insights and thoughts as I go boldly on into the future.

May the Prophets Guide your Paths.

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  1. You should pick a favourite DS9 episode - using one of Garaks quips and remind us what a rogue he was, Major Kira of course or someone else usually being at the butt end of his jokes. He didn't always get away with it but I laughed. Seeya Jimmy - Never give up, never surrender! (Galaxy Quest)