Thursday, January 19, 2012

Essentialists Spoil Risa

(Leaders of a radical essentialist group give a speech on Riza shortly before commiting their act of sabotouge.)

            The pleasure planet of Risa, usually home to carefree hosts and relaxing citizens of the Federation was plagued by a storm that threatened to destroy the weather control grid. A section of Risa which does not usually experience rainfall fell prey to gusts and torrents after the weather control grid was knocked offline by a group of radical essentialists. The essentialists, led by a man named Fullerton, oppose what they see as the lavish lifestyle most citizens of the Federation live and believe that a return to the basic values on which the Federation was founded is the only way to survive an attack by the Federation's enemies.

            The essentialists have been camped out on Risa for quite some time now, usually limiting themselves to speeches in front of the beach-goers but began escalating their action with a raid on a local restaurant. Armed men broke into the restaurant and began taking the diners prisoners only to reveal that their phazer-rifles we not loaded. Apparently this show didn't make enough of an impact as the group decided to take control of the weather control relay and use it to case a massive rainstorm.

            The storm lasted several days but eventually, Star Fleet officers were able to take control of the region and reestablish calm skies. Risa is well on its way to a complete recovery and should be full of vacationers again soon.    

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  1. A trip to Risa for some good ol' fashioned laughter and fun in the sun is highly recommended.