Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beginning of the End: A few thoughts.

Well, this is it. I've just watched the end of the second to last season of DS:9 and I'm starting the beginning of the last. While I haven't gotten too in depth with the series on this blog (I've been sticking to a journalistic theme) I do want to lay down a few feelings about this transition.

1. DS:9 has done what Lost tried, and failed, to do. Both series became increasingly involved in the surreal (one might say magical) towards the end. The problem with Lost is that it had previously been a very character driven show and as soon as good character-building was compromised by mysterious trips into the future, the show lost its lustre. DS:9, conversely, becomes entrenched in the celestial battle between Prophets and Pagh-Wraiths, between a struggling writer and reality, without losing any of it essential character building. Whereas Lost would throw in a few random characters when they didn't know what to do, DS:9 gives an old character a new face.

2. Which brings me to Dax. Yes, she's dead. Well, Judziah is but Ezri is welcomed onto the stage. I really didn't see this coming, but then again I didn't see Yar dying off during the first season of NextGen either. This completely sets afire the love situation between Dax and her many admirers (Hey, the girl is pretty. Ezri Dax and Kes from Voyager are my favourite Trek girls. It's something about the short hair).

3. What's up with Sisko? Is he really a writer in our universe? Star Trek could never do that, could they? That would make every single other character simply a figment of his imagination. I certainly don't believe that could ever happen but I'm anxious to see how it turns out.

I'm sorry about how sloppy this writing is and I've kind of been neglecting this blog lately (I've been focusing on my political and philosophical blog "Der Kaiser is Put"). I can't take the time to iron out these ideas into something more coherent when my Netflix is begging me to press play and watch the drama unfold. I don't have any idea how people who had to wait a week for each episode survived!

Peace, my fellow Trekkies, and may the Prophets guide your path.

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